Rip Cards

3.5″ x 8.5″ Rip Business Card + Postcard
3.5″ x 11″ Rip Business Card + Rack Card
3.5″ x 11″ Rip Business Card + Door Hanger
14 pt. Gloss Cover
14 pt. Uncoated Cover
16 pt. Premium Matte Cover
100 lb. Recycled Matte Cover
* For the 14 pt. Gloss paper stock, a High Gloss UV Coating will be applied to the color sides, unless High Gloss UV Coating Front Only is selected. High Gloss UV Coating will not be applied to the back if you select Grayscale Back or Blank Back..

* Not all quantities are available for certain paper stocks.

Print Options:
Full Color Both Sides
Full Color Front, Grayscale Back
Full Color Front, Blank Back.

Too often we see an advertisement that interests us, but we don’t have a pen and paper to jot down the contact information or the promotion details. Rip business cards are ideal in those cases, as they’re two marketing pieces in one—a portion for the ad, and a tear-off portion for takeaway details. They make it simple for your customers and help ensure you’ll be remembered, and more importantly, contacted.
Rip Business Cards available in Postcard, Door Hanger, or Rack Card.
Create business cards for the tear-off portion so your customers can take away your contact information. Get creative and use this portion as tickets to events, or provide coupons for customers to tear off!
Got Green – recycled stock available for the environmental enthusiast.
Choose our Glossy stock for a beautiful shine, our 14 pt. Uncoated Cover for a textured look, or one of our Matte stocks for a more subdued and vintage look.
High Gloss UV Coating makes the products more durable, so your cards will last longer. You cannot write or print on products with High Gloss UV Coating.
Our High Gloss UV Coating Front Only option may produce variation in color and brightness between the front and back of your product.

More Info:
Make Your Business Stand Out with Rip Cards
When customers view your ad, you want to do everything possible to encourage them to act on what they see. Rip cards from Graphimark make it easy for potential customers to keep your coupon or contact information handy.

Rip Card Uses
Rip business cards grab the customer’s attention with their bold colors and graphics, and they include a convenient bottom tear-off portion that can be customized with everything from a limited-time offer to your phone number and email address. Rip cards are great to hang on doors as you canvass the neighborhood, place in an information rack, or pass out at a trade show.

Rip Card Printing Options
Graphimark offers three different rip card sizes and options:

3.5″ x 8.5″ Rip Business Card with Postcard
3.5″ x 11″ Rip Business Card with Door Hanger
3.5″ x 11″ Rip Business Card with Rack Card
You can also select the high-quality stock and coating that fits your design style and your budgetary needs. 14 pt. Gloss Cover has a glossy coating that provides extra protection, so it’s a good choice for door hangers or other items that might be left outdoors. 14 pt. Uncoated Cover is the perfect choice for those who love simplicity and prefer the feel of natural paper. Customers who want a premium feel often select 16 pt. Premium Matte Cover, which is the thickest stock we offer. Finally, the 100 lb. Recycled Matte Cover allows you to enjoy a high-quality finished product while remaining environmentally conscious.

All of our tear-off cards are created using full-color offset printing, and our high quality standards ensure that your new cards reflect your business in a positive manner.

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